Scrappetizers | Heritage

I’ve been working on my heritage album for years. As I add pages, I’ve found that I need to have separate albums for each family: my mother’s side, my father’s side, life as a child, life married with children, and life with grandchildren.  I’m also working on an album for Bossman’s family. There aren’t as many photos or stories, but the photos we have are treasures. 

My great aunt was very prominent in my life as a child growing up. She never lost her German accent. She could be very bossy (from a child’s point of view) but often she was the ring leader of all the trouble fun  all the grandkids got into had.    This Bossman’s great grandparents’ wedding photo, his mother’s grandfather on her father’s side and his mother’s grandmother on her mother’s side. Both were widowed and married at an older age. Keeping it in the family! All products by Anna Aspnes. 

Scrappetizers | Rain

… or the lack of it. This has been one of the driest summers we’ve had in 100 years. We’ve been enjoying the sunshine and warm weather, but would also enjoy a nice rainy day! Since June 26th we’ve had 9 days with temps in the 90s. A rainfall deficit of 7 inches so far. We’re doing a rain dance here! Hope it works! (Side note: we got hit by lightning last Monday morning, fried all my electronics, but very little rain.)

 All products by Anna Aspnes. 

Scrappetizers | Splish Splash

Another photo from my grandmother’s photo album. Styles in swimwear have changed a bit in a hundred years. I imagine these girls standing in the lake, swim dresses heavy with water, wishing they were wearing an itsy bitsy teenie weenie yellow polka dot bikini. Maybe they would be smiling. And the young man would love to be surfing, catching the big wave. All products by Anna Aspnes.